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Earth Tree Landscape Wallpaper


Removable Earth Tree Landscape Wallpaper will create a stunning feature wall in any room.

A landlord friendly, fabric wallpaper with an adhesive on the back for a simple peel-and-stick application for walls.

Our murals and wallpaper are designed by me - Amber :). They are Australian made and printed. They are fabric, not vinyl - it will not tear, stretch, fade, damaged your walls or leave any residue on removal.

They are printed with water based inks and have a beautiful matte, fabric finish with self adhesive on the back that doesn't harden over time.

Each panel is 65cm wide. They are hung side by side and the edges butt together for a seamless finish.They can even be stored and moved to another wall.

Our wallpaper murals have no repeat. They are numbered on the back and the panels are laid next to on another to create the murals.

How to apply wallpaper

The removable wallpaper will stick to a range of internal surfaces. It will suit all painted flat surfaces and textured surfaces, like rendered and brick walls. It will apply to glass and mirrors. Please leave a note if you have a bumpy or dark wall -  otherwise I will order wall paper for light plasterboard. Full instructions on application are included with your product. You do not need any special skills to apply our wallpaper. Application of our wallpaper will require your time, so a little patience is require to get it perfect :).

How much wallpaper to order

Wallpaper panels are 65cm wide by your chosen wall height. To work out how many panels you need to order, divide your wall width by 65cm and round this number up to the nearest whole number to work out how many units to order. We offer our panels in standard wall heights; 250cm high, 280cm high, 310cm high, or 350cm high. Choose the one that matches your wall height. The excess can be trimmed away easily.

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