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A Brilliant Frame is a front opening picture frame with a magnetic whiteboard inside.  The Brilliant Frame concept is a picture frame that is hung on your wall and is aesthetically pleasing to look at like a picture frame but uniquely, it opens at the front like a cabinet without the need to remove it off the wall. Inside the frame you will find a magnetic whiteboard to allow you to secure photos, certificates, artworks etc.

When not using it for artwork or certificates etc you can simply use it as a whiteboard for your favorite quotes or even your weekly shopping or to do list. The possibilities with these frames are endless.

As well as our frames being great to use and aesthetically pleasing our Brilliant Frames are environmentally friendly.   No tree has been harmed in the making of these frames.
We have been around the world and sourced the most environmentally friendly solution to create these front opening picture frames.

Our frames are made from recycled materials that are sourced globally.  This means our picture frames are super strong, light weight, moisture resistant and best of all they look and feel like real wood with grain and texture.  Available in 3 finishes they are the perfect addition to any home.